Botble Laravel Avatar

Botble Laravel Avatar is used to change profile image in Laravel project, it can works with Laravel 5.x and easy to setup. You will upload and resize avatar easily.

If you have problem when install this package or found any bugs, feel free to contact me via email: or skype: live:minhsang2603.

Thanks for your purchase my product.

* Folder Structure

  • config
  • database
  • resources
  • routes
  • src
    • Http
    • Providers
    • Services

Please follow below steps to setup Avatar component in your laravel project.

  • Install Laravel 5.x if you don't have exists project:
  • Extract file laravel-avatar then copy folder Component to /app folder.
  • Add below code to psr-4 section of composer.json, then run composer dump-autoload to re-generate autoload files
    "Botble\\Avatar\\": "app/Components/Avatar/src"

    Then it will be look like:

    "psr-4": {
        "App\\": "app/",
        "Botble\\Avatar\\": "app/Components/Avatar/src"
  • Open /config/app.php and add AvatarServiceProvider.php to provider section.
    'providers' => [
        // After others service providers
  • Create scaffold Laravel Auth if you don't create it yet.
    php artisan make:auth
  • Export public assets for Avatar component
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="App\Components\Avatar\Providers\AvatarServiceProvider" --tag=assets
  • Open your application then go to http://{your-domain}/profile

When you got a new version of Botble Laravel Avatar from Codecanyon. You just need to do below steps to upgrade it.

  • Extract file laravel-avatar then copy folder Component to /app folder.
  • Update psr-4 autoload section in composer.json
    "Botble\\Avatar\\": "app/Components/Avatar/src"
  • Update public assets for Avatar component. Namespace changed from App\Components\Avatar to Botble\Avatar
    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Botble\Avatar\Providers\AvatarServiceProvider" --tag=assets --force

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- 03/06/2017